In the past two years, I have lost loved ones. Their deaths were a great loss to our family. My heart was filled with sorrow & helplessness. Then a friend came to condole and gave a great piece of advice. He said:

“Death is inevitable. If a loved one dies, it’s time to prove your love for them by praying as much as you can.”
Nobody can fill the space of a loved one in our lives. But time is a great healer, the grief lasts for some time and then the world moves on. No matter what religion/culture/ideology you may follow, one thing is certain: “You’re going to die. We all are going to die. Sooner or later.”

It made me realize how fragile our life is and how helpless we are in this respect. Regardless of the wealth, beauty or power, we all have to die and we take nothing with us to the grave. Nothing? I asked myself. Nothing?

Can you think of an answer?

A house? A factory? A job? Money? Beauty? Fame? Power? Favorite food? Knowledge? Branded clothes? Medals? Degrees? Certifications?

No doubt all of this is more or less important to live a happy & a successful life.

Then what is the meaning of this life? Am I here only for the materialistic things? Am I only here to study, get a degree & then a job, then get married & have kids, and then die when I get old? This is what most of us intend to do in life, isn’t it? The life goals; *if you will*

I am not claiming that all this shouldn’t be done. Of course it must be done to survive. However, we can add some more perspective & objective to our lives, can’t we? An aim that gives life a better meaning and will make us feel contented.

Do something for the world before you leave. Find a way that you enjoy and it also helps the other fellow beings. The world only remembers the ones who give sacrifices & strive for a positive change. The world we are harvesting today with wars & hatred, it greatly needs positive minds and helping hands.

The idea of contributing is very important and should totally depend on your personal interests, e.g., it can be social welfare, sciencetific research, technological innovation, religion, international peace, law & order, creativity, etc.

In my experience, the source of true happiness & satisfaction is helping others, being non-selfish and benefiting the needy. I don’t want to regret, when I turn 50–60 years old, that I didn’t do anything significance for the world even though I had the resources. I don’t want to have a big void in my heart.

I hope we all don’t want a meaningless life. I pray that we all find that meaning to it.

Start planning to give just a few hours every week/month to your goal. Dream for a good cause at an effective scale;

Dreaming is the first step to a successful plan, of course if followed by dedication and practical implementation.
Sit back, close your eyes, relax, and ask yourself:

“What can you do to help others? Why are you here?”

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