8th of March, 2013, Arif uncle left this world after fighting cancer for two years. His death created a void in our lives, a void which can’t be filled. He was a family hero, a pious man with a greatly inspiring personality, a big kind heart, and a successful business man. His business was based on herbs but I’d say he was a great social worker. He taught us how to lead a happy and a peaceful life while living in this harsh and selfish world. I’d like to summarize some of his teachings, because it may help somebody to solve some issues or it may motivate someone to do some good.

Be kind to others if you expect to be treated well. Kindness is a key to a happy life. Being rude only attracts negativity.
Always stand by the truth; justice is like water for our thirsty society.
Donate, help and cooperate. It will open up your heart. Life will be a lot easier for you because you won’t be self-centered.
Failures are a reality. Don’t freak out right away when something goes wrong; think positively and look for solutions and answers. You won’t learn until you make mistakes.
Don’t forget others’ favors that you have enjoyed. Time will give you the opportunity to return the favors. If you don’t then you won’t be remembered in good words.
Communicate with your children. You are the teacher and they are the students. How can you expect them to learn without you communicating?
Love is hard, yet so beautiful. It asks for major sacrifices and compromises. True story!
Discussions are good. Expression of feelings is the key to any successful relationship. It solves the misunderstandings and strengthens the bond.
A friend in need is a friend indeed. Always be there for your friends.
Give confidence to your kids and sub-ordinates. Help them build a strong personality.
Be the one who helps people bond, not a provocateur. You’ll never find happiness if you are an agitator.
Develop a forgiving attitude. Life will be joyful.
Spend within the limits of your pay grade. Don’t use credit cards. Try not to be in debt.
Hard work is necessary for success.
Enjoy life; eat good, travel to beautiful places, give time to your family, read, smile, and spend on the ones in need.
May his soul rest in peace. He will always be missed.

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