Life is short, true story. The life span has been decreasing over time in the human history. Today, an age of 60+ is considered as bonus life. We are born and we start understanding the world around 10. High school finishes around 17. Then undergrad studies keep us occupied until we are 21. Then you need to work harder and harder to secure a well-paid job in the next 3 years. Until 25 we reach to a somewhat stable point and then some of us decide to go for MS/MBA to improve the academic record. Around 30 most of us are married or ready to get married. And there you go; nearly half of your life is gone. We spend the next half to earn for the family and take care of them. And when we grow old, usually there isn’t much we can do about life. I am not implying that any of these activities is wrong, I am only trying to help you imagine how short life is and fast does it go.

Several movies, songs and other kinds of media are emphasizing these days on “live in the moment”. Some of these audio/video manifestations describe the right idea of “live in the moment”, but most of them do not. Most folks think that “live in the moment” means: you go crazy over life and do whatever you like with no/least ethical constraints, and practically go super-mad whenever you get a chance.

Well, I humbly disagree. I see the concept of “live in the moment” in a different perspective. I briefly explain the concept of “live in the moment” as follows.

Meet your parents every day. Or at least 2–3 times a week. They need you now like you needed them before. And they might not have much time left to live. You don’t want to bear the mammoth regret of not spending time with them before they leave the world.
Spend time with your kids, as much as you can. Their “growing-up” needs you. Earning and providing only is not enough, true story. Their personality will reflect how you treat them & how much time do you spent with them. Don’t be over-strict & also don’t be a don’t-care.
Your spouse needs you. They might not show this or they might compromise with your busy routine. But they do need your time. Communicate with them and express yourself daily. Communication is the key to a successful relationship as it kills all the misunderstandings and wrong assumptions.
Set a goal for your every day. And by the end of the day evaluate yourself. This will help you improve in several ways.
Try to “live” every day. Think of it as if it’s your last day. Nobody wants to be sad, upset, angry or jealous, or lie, be dishonest, hurt anybody or commit any other sin on their last day. So, try to forgive, be happy & gracious, and help others.
Fear. Fear the judgment day. Repent on your mistakes, fix the ones you still can & seek forgiveness from Allah every day. You don’t know how many of these chances you still have. May be many; or may be just this last one, today.
Help at least one person in need every day; you might not have enough time left to do good deeds.
Do something silly, funny, adventurous, and exciting every day. The intensity of excitement might not matter, but its presence in life does matter a lot. Because living in boredom is an unhappy, dull & a zombie-like life which no one can cherish.
“Live every day like it’s your last day.”
“Death is inevitable; but ignorance is by choice.”

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