September 29, 2016

7 Habits That Help Discover Yourself

Photo Credits: Averie Woodard Have you ever realized that humans are the most intelligent and complex species on planet earth? Every day, you experience a huge variety of feelings on diverse levels. Your relationships, friendships, studies, work and everything else around you effects your spiritual being. You are on a continuous verge of evolution. You […]

85 Years of Wisdom

Ramzan Khan Abbasi was born sometime around 1932 in Sanyo, Murree, British India. Back then, recording birthdays in the backward northern areas of the country weren’t a convention apparently. He was born to a Pahari family, at a time before Murree’s independence from British India and inclusion into Pakistan. When he was 5 years old, […]


Live In The Moment

Life is short, true story. The life span has been decreasing over time in the human history. Today, an age of 60+ is considered as bonus life. We are born and we start understanding the world around 10. High school finishes around 17. Then undergrad studies keep us occupied until we are 21. Then you […]